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Version: 1.6

2017-07-05 07:30



mapping top gta version 1.6
  • Completely new map
    • A lot of forests
    • Drained areas
  • A lot of new areas
  • Military areas
    • 11 Castles
    • 4 Military bases
    • 9 Large security checkpoints
    • A lot of small security checkpoints
    • 1 Prison
    • 1 Military airport
    • 1 Island
    • 2 Aircraft carriers
    • 1 Bunker
    • 1 Dark tunnel
    • 1 Laboratory
    • 1 Area with event programming device
  • Other
    • Hunter towers
    • Wrecked ships, boats
    • Car landfills
    • Fuel tanks
    • Water tanks


atmosphere top gta version 1.6
  • New textures
    • Added high quality graphics mode (ultra)
  • Added light for woodpile fire, glow effect
  • Changed ambient sounds system
  • New ambient sounds
  • New weather system
    • Additional effect for overcast weather
  • Added dynamic clouds
  • Deep night little bit lighter now
  • Destruction effects for some buildings can be enabled in User Panel (F2)
    • It change buildings textures in San Fierro and some places in Los Santos
    • Remember! It can reduce FPS on low-perofrmance PC


  • Changed more than 80% objects models
  • New tree types
  • Opened many buildings (new enterable objects)
  • Ability to explode some buildings (like hangars)
    • Few states of explosiones (hangars - 3 states: normal, half exploded, exploded in pieces)
    • Object state resets while server backup
    • Works with all kind of explosions (grenades, С4, vehicle explosion near object)
  • Now you can cut a tree down by Hatchet (Ax)
    • Added progress indicator
    • Tree falls down after 20 hits
    • You can choose the direction (useful for making barricades on the roads)
    • Random direction if tree was exploded


bases top gta version 1.6
  • Interior Editor (now you can build your own interior in base, 200 available objects in list)
    • Default interior objects was deleted
    • You can extend objects list via Market (tab in Bases Management Panel)
  • Gates status (closed / opened) displays in Bases Management Panel
  • Access is restricted. Only players from white-list can get inside the base
    • Owner can give a special permissions to players from white-list
    • Access to tents (50 slots)
    • Access to tents (100 slots)
    • Access to tents (150 slots)
    • Access to tents (200 slots)
    • Access to tents (900 slots)
    • Ability to move items fast (holding ALT in inventory)
    • Ability to place things inside the base (like C4, mines, wirefences, etc.)
    • Access to Interior Editor
    • Access to General (passwords) tab
    • Ability to remove all players from the base area
    By default players don't have any access. So even if somehow player came inside the base (by bug) - he will not able to loot tents or place things.
  • Ability to bind passwords fast in Bases Management Panel (via our Binder - F4)
  • Draw distance of tents changes
  • Added Access Logs tab in Bases Management Panel
    • You can see last 100 records
  • Added Market (upgrades for bases)
    • More details -

Interface (HUD)

hud interface top gta version 1.6
  • Debug window removed (useless now)
    • Headshots count, humanity, etc. displays in Character tab (F9)
  • Blood count displays on blood icon (if blood level less than 100%)
  • PS: now you don't need to know exact number of blood because all functions related to blood (like Medic Kit) depends on your level from this moment
  • Added lungs icon (displays level of oxygen when you swim underwater)
  • GPS Map type now depends on Interactive Map (F11) settings
  • Added server schedule in Hints (F9) window (server backup times, military boxes refresh, custom events, etc.)
  • Added fast (scroll) actions menu (you can use animations, medicines, etc. fast)
    • You can activate it by mouse scroll when you are not moving
    • You can disable this option in User Panel - F2 ("Scroll actions" checkbox)
  • Now you can select radio stations in vehicle menu (full list with names)
  • Improved Mortar (M262) / BM-21 system interface
    • Added buttons "launch" and "cancel" in control window
  • Added new chat mode: "no ads" (you can enable it in User Panel - F2)
    • In this mode you will see all server and players messages except server adverts
  • Added ability to reset active slot in inventory (for weapons and equipped stuff like helmets)
  • If you want to avoid friendly bots shooting you have to reset all weapon slots before you get inside bots area (better do it for 2-5 minutes before you go to bots)
  • Simplified process of backpacks equip (now you don't have to throw out your things if new backpack slots can handle your current items)
  • Equipped masks marked green for usability


vehicles cars top gta version 1.6
  • Changed a lot of old vehicle models
  • Changed vehicles handling (speed, controllability, etc.)
  • Added new cars
    • Mercedes c63 AMG
    • Mercedes w124
    • Nissan Silvia
  • Added new amphibious helicopter
  • Added medical ICV (2)
    • Active caterpillars
    • 200 slots
    • Heavy armor
  • Changed all vehicle sounds (engine, ignition, horn)
  • Added ability to open / close the hood and trunk for most vehicles
  • Added new armor for vehicles (visual; scoop on the front bumper, steel sheets on window and tires)
    • Few variants of each armor type
    • You can remove this armor via vehicle menu
    • Scoop can destroy zombies from one hit
  • Increased armor capability for all vehicles (up to 20 steel sheets)
  • Decreased damage for passengers if vehicle have more than 10% of armor
    • Added windows protection indicator
  • Glued player dies immediately if vehicle explodes
  • Added feature to change vehicle colors (and headlights) via bot in garage
  • Now you can loot vehicle inventory with passengers inside (only driver can loot)
  • Added ability to fix / replace broken (flat) tires
  • Now if you hit a player on the high speed - he will lose a lot of blood or die immediately
  • Weapon camera of military helicopters fully controllable now (like in ARMA 2)
    • Added feature to track and lock the target (vehicle)
  • Helicopter radar can track seeking rockets (ARS-57) (alert system)
  • Rockets launched from UB-32PV doesn't have seeking capability
  • Added feature to install GPS on the vehicle (you can track marked vehicles if you use the same rate)
    • Any player can remove GPS from vehicle
  • Added vehicle upgrades system (wheels, hydraulics) (you can upgrade your vehicle via bot in garage)
  • Added mileage indicator (in vehicle inventory)
  • Added battery
    • Discharge fast when headlights / radio turned on
    • Charge while driving or via Generator (new item)
    • You can find Battery indicator beside Fuel icon
    • Can be removed from vehicle (empty item appears if charged less than 95%)
  • Added one more BM-21
    • Driver of BM-21 can use rocket launcher from the inside (like in ARMA 2)
    • M-21OF rockets explosion radius increased
    • Maximum attack range increased 20%
    • Added station with "free" M-21OF rockets for BM-21
      • You can install M-21OF rockets in Verdant Meadows hangar
      • You have to park BM-21 vehicle inside the special hangar
  • Disabled components damage for ICV and APC vehicles
  • Players inside ICV / APC can't be killed by usual weapons


new map top gta version 1.6
  • New map image. Now all our custom objects / textures displays on the Interactive Map (F11)
  • You can add notes for points on the Map
    • Just click on any point and you will see a window with additional parameters.
  • Loot points positions updated. Completely changed display method (no circles, displays exact position of each loot point on the server, categorized by color)
  • Improved map of mortar (M262) and BM-21 launcher. Now all rockets, server icons or players (who use the same GPS rate as you) displays on the map
    • Now you can track another mortars (M262) or BM-21 vehicles if they fired the rockets (in near range)
    • You can easily bomb custom places (like islands) due new map image


character top gta version 1.6
  • New damage system for cases when you fall down + added damage for helicopter blades
  • Added Bomb Suit, can reduce damage up to 80%. Can handle 1 or 2 grenade explosions
  • Added feature to die instead of turning into a zombie
    • After death you will be able to press Enter to die immediately
  • Bulletproof vest can protect you against zombie hits
    • Protection level reduces by each zombie hit (like by bullets)
  • If player died by explosion all equipped loot can disappear (bulletproof vest, helmet, backpack - 50% chance)
  • Added feature to smoke a cigarette
    • Loot item "Cigarette", you can equip it and smoke
    • Smoke effect + screen blur
  • Player with muscles can damage by fist
  • Automatic muscles pumping disabled
    • You need "Steroid" (loot item) to pump your muscles
  • Player spawning time decreased
  • New spawns
  • Fastrun is enabled by default now (you can disable it by /fastrun command)
  • Anti-relog doesn't kill player if server accidentally crashed
  • Added nickname indicator for vehicle machine gun
  • Added new character skin (male)
    • You can select camouflage. 27 options (split for different levels)
    • You can select face. 19 options (split for different levels)
  • Added new character skin (female)
    • You can select clothes. 7 options (split for different levels)
    • You can select face. 10 options (split for different levels)
  • Added new female skins (15 options)
  • Added new ghillie suit (Ghillie Grass)
    • Full body coverage, including hands
    • Made by Ghillie Hood, Ghillie Top parts
    • Male and female


loot top gta version 1.6
  • Loot in Melting furnace appears in loot point instead of the ground
  • Added Spray Can. You can use it to draw graffiti
    • You can draw pattern for graffiti in special editor
    • In graffiti editor you can change color and size of brush, cancel last action
    • You can draw graffiti anywhere
    • Graffiti count for one player is limited (depends on level)
  • Added military Medic Kit that can heal almost everything and replace all medical loot
  • You can decrease temperature via Antibiotics easily
  • Added spinning and fish
    • You can fish in ponds (you have throw a bait in water and wait when fish peck, if fish bite your bait then you have to turn a fishing reel)
    • Fish can break off the hook
    • Visual fishing line and float
  • Injections (limited by time)
  • Item NameDescription
    INJECTION: .10 DAM+ 10% damage boost
    INJECTION: .25 DAM+ 25% damage boost
    INJECTION: .10 PRT+ 10% protection boost
    INJECTION: .25 PRT+ 25% protection boost
    INJECTION: Z-LORDYou can control zombies
    * class of zombie depends on player level (so you can't control tough zombies on low levels)
    INJECTION: Z-INVZombies will not attack you
    * class of zombie depends on player level like in Z-LORD injection
    INJECTION: S-VISConstant infrared vision (like AS50 TWS)
    * you can't disable it after activation
    INJECTION: B-EYEYou can see perfectly at night
    * relevant only for servers with deep night
    INJECTION: L-LUNGSStrong lungs, you can swim underwater for a long time
    INJECTION: C-SMELLHides your smell for sharks
    INJECTION: M-ZOMBMakes you a Zombie
    INJECTION: S-BONESYour bones will not break
    INJECTION: S-HEADYou will not have a pain
    INJECTION: S-VEINSYou will not have a bleeding
    INJECTION: S-BODYbones can't break, no pain, no bleeding
    INJECTION: N-HUNGYou will not need a food
    INJECTION: N-THIRYou will not need a water
    INJECTION: D-RANDdeath or fortune
    * fortune - any injection (except D-RAND)
    * 50% 50% chance
  • Added new military boxes (big and small) that you can open by Crowbar
  • Added Scuba set
    • Player with Scuba set can swim underwater for a long time
    • Player with Scuba set can hold on the same place underwater to check underwater loot points
  • Added underwater boxes with loot that you can open by Crowbar
  • Added 3 new backpacks
    • Mountaineer Backpack (65 slots - biggest backpack in this moment)
    • California Backpack (40 slots)
    • Urban Backpack (20 slots)


zombies top gta version 1.6
  • Changed all spawns
  • Improved zombies logic
  • Significantly improved performance (FPS+) in cases when you walk near zombies
  • In the night zombies can hear you from long range
  • Zombies can attack bots
  • Added heavy (tough) zombies
    • Big bloodsuckers
    • Other monsters
  • Added indicator of controlled zombies
  • Added and fixed old system of zombie animations (someone walk, someone stand and looking around)
  • Added shark that protect some areas
    • Shark can attack and eat players :D
    • Shark smells bleeding players better
  • Added new tough zombie "Fleshpound"
    • Spawns in random area (event)
    • Blood count: 3 million + regeneration
    • Damage: 30-45k
    • Accompanied by a retinue of 10 military zombies (respawn speed - 2 minutes)
    • You can track this zombie in real time on the map
    • You can't bring him in any game base (he will be respawned automatically)
    • In his body you can find 30 units of heavy military loot + rare injections


bots top gta version 1.6
  • Added helper, he can give you a task (quest)
  • Added friendly bots, they hit only aggressive players (with weapons, etc.)
  • Completely new logic
    • In additional they have instructions to kill zombies (protect friendly players against zombies)
  • Pilot of crashed plane can survive (friendly bot)
  • All bots classified by weapon groups
  • Added animations for military bots


animals top gta version 1.6
  • Added blood counter for animals + damage by vehicle
  • Added 500+ animal spawns, changed logic and abilities of some animal groups
    • Dangerous animals now can hit players
  • You can ride on wild animals only if you have high level (wild boars, bears)


weapons top gta version 1.6
  • New custom bullet sync system
    • Logic moved to shooter's side
    • In general this system can make shooting more effective but any sync system can't be correct in 100% cases
    • If you see damage on your screen (checkbox "Show damage" in User Panel - F2) then it means that you hit correctly (but not in cases described below)
    • There can be troubles if you have high packetloss (like in past, with default MTA sync system)
  • Increased firing rate for some sniper rifles
    • Maximum rate: 2 shots per second (2 times higher than default GTA:SA firing rate)
    • Increased reloading time for some rifles like AS50 TWS (makes it more realistic)
    • You can check firing rate in inventory or in Hints window (F9)
  • Now all weapons has effective shooting range
    • Maximum damage depends on distance to target
  • Zombies and players fly back little bit if you hit by shotgun from near range
  • Detonator range limited to draw distance
  • Increased explosion power and range of mortar (M262) and BM-21 vehicle ammo
  • Added system that gives you a "kill" for mortar (M262) and BM-21 hits (* no guarantee to work)
  • Added ability to install all your ammo in machine gun or BM-21 launcher
  • If you died by Mine / Tripwire / Military Trap then player who placed it will have +1 "kill" (even if this player is offline!)
  • If you explode the vehicle you will get "kills" for each player inside this vehicle
  • Added missile guidance system for ARS-57 (for helicopters only, heat seeking)
  • Added new break-action grenade M203-CF HE (explodes when hit something)
  • Weapon on the player's spine inverted
  • Added feature to swap position of your weapon (rear or front side of the skin)
    • You can swap weapon position in fast (scroll) actions menu ("scroll actions" should be enabled in User Panel - F2)
  • Added ability to dequip weapon (reset weapon slot)
  • Helmets system changed. Now all helmets has strength parameter (like bulletproof vests)
  • Added sight for grenade
  • Added delay for tripwire's grenade explosion (unlock - delay - explosion)


settings top gta version 1.6
  • New feature to change draw distance in User Panel - F2 (200 - 600)
  • Interface constructor (you can move icons, GPS, compass in any place on the screen)
  • Added ability to move inventory window
  • Added Windows notifications when your game minimized (game is loaded, you died, you need some food / water / medicine, etc.)
  • Added feature to change your color in TAB, GPS, etc. (new colors unlocks with new levels)
  • Added feature to add your crosshairs in User Panel - F2 (available only for you but on any TOP-GTA server)
  • You have to upload your crosshair file in MTA cache folder
  • Path: Folder with МТА\mods\deathmatch\resources\aloha\images\weapons\
    File name: ch_custom_1.png
    You can upload up to 10 your crosshairs (files: ch_custom_1.png, ch_custom_2.png, ch_custom_3.png, etc.)

    PS: We will add new feature in our Launcher to add your crosshairs easily soon


other top gta version 1.6
  • New login-screen camera
  • Local chat appears above player head
  • Added damager - shows damage of your hits to players / zombies / bots / animals (you can enable it in User Panel - F2)
  • Nicknames visible distance reduced to 20m (changed due abuse from some players)
  • Players that use the same rate of GPS now marks in TAB (country field marks green)
  • Added new event system (any player can start event)
    • You have to put your loot in special loot point and program UAV to drop this loot in some place
    • Loot appears in bag that will be dropped with parachute
    • You can specify a place (coordinates) and time when this bag should be dropped
    • Find some place that you want to use for event and type /coord to get your coordinates
    • You can find special loot point in the tunnel (Tierra Robada area, point marked on the map)
  • Now you can open all windows (inventory, loot shop, user panel, hits, etc.) by commands
    • Full list of commands you can find in Hits window (F9) that can be opened by "toggle_guides_window" command


levels top gta version 1.6
  • Most gamemode features depends on player level now
  • Character skills:
    • 7 general skills (depends on player level):
      • Damage (up from 1 to 22 level)
      • Speed (up from 1 to 20 level) (speed up actions and running speed)
      • Protection (up from 1 to 21 level) (reduces damage for player body)
      • Frost Resistance (up from 1 to 19 level)
      • Heat Resistance (up from 1 to 18 level)
      • Hunger (up from 1 to 16 level) (reduces the need for food)
      • Thirst (up from 1 to 15 level) (reduces the need for water)
    • 4 special skills (increasing in gameplay, when you make some actions)
      • Survival (100000) (gives you ability to make actions faster, get more blood from food consumption)
      • Medicine (100000) (reduces chanсe to get disease, gives more blood for Medic Kit and Blood Bag, heal yourself or players faster)
      • Builder (70000) (create / remove objects like Sandbags faster)
      • Repairer (85000) (significantly increment speed of vehicle repairing process)
  • Quests system (missions)
    • Added 200+ quests
    • You have to make quests if you want to upgrade your character. Only quests can give you enough score to level up
    • You can get up to 3 quests at the same time
    • Types of tasks:
      • Task "explore": for example you have to find and walk in some place (few minute or hours) and with some conditions (like "don't die")
      • Task "kill": for example you have to find player / zombie / bot / animal and kill, can be limited by area or another conditions (like player alivetime should be more than 3 hours)
      • If you can't find zombies in some area or this area doesn't have zombies at all then you have to lead zombies with you and kill them (it's not bug!)
      • Task "collect": find some loot, probably in specified place / within certain time
      • Only items from loot points counts
      • Task "survive": for example you have to survive 1 hour by playing zombie or few hours in dangerous place (like "AREA 51")
      • Task "run": run (moving) in some place within specific time
      • Task "swim": similar to "run" but in water
      • Task "chop": related to trees, can be limited by conditions
    • All quests has steps. Each step can have few tasks that you have finish to reach the next step
    • Each task can have few conditions, count or area
      • Conditions example:
        • specific class of zombie (like "military")
        • player: bandit / hero or should have specific level / alivetime
    • Area: find something or kill something on a specific area (like "AREA 51", "Custom Island 1", some city, etc.)
  • Number of levels infinite (* while Lua is capable to store number of score)
    • Anyway, additional Character features split for these levels:
      LevelMinimal score
      11 000
      22 000
      34 000
      48 000
      516 000
      632 000
      764 000
      8128 000
      9256 000
      10512 000
      111 024 000
      122 048 000
      134 096 000
      148 192 000
      1516 384 000
      1632 768 000
      1765 536 000
      18131 072 000
      19262 144 000
      20524 288 000
      211 048 576 000
      222 097 152 000


  • Fixed: no sound of mortar (M262) / BM-21 rocket explosion
  • Fixed: you can seat in the vehicle when you play for zombie
  • Fixed: network trouble issue when you dropped off the moto / bike
  • Fixed: sometimes inventory just closes without the reason
  • Fixed: Double-Barreled infinite firing rate when you use shooting mode in vehicles
  • Fixed: sometimes vehicle just collide with something invisible (* no guarantee to work perfectly)
  • Fixed: free ammo bug (when you fire without ammo)
  • Such hits now don't damage, even for vehicles
  • Fixed: sometimes Parachute remains in inventory after landing
  • Fixed: infinite anmation bug when you make some actions
  • Fixed: dead body remains in the sky if you died in Helicopter / Plane
  • Fixed: sometimes heavy weapons don't kill player with helmet / bulletproof vest from first hit
  • Fixed: can't kill bots from vehicle machine gun
  • Fixed: in some cases you can drive on broken vehicle
  • Fixed: sometimes weapon disappear and you need to rearm it in inventory
  • Fixed: can't kill animals from melee weapons
  • Fixed: you can fuel up 2 canisters at the same time
  • Fixed: sometimes action animation just freeze to other players (* no guarantee to work perfectly)
  • Fixed: you can reset current animation by another animation
  • Fixed: player just drops off the vehicle if he lost consciousness
  • Fixed: if you kill lying player - he will stand up
  • Fixed: sometimes you just accidentally jump if you hit some objects on the ground
  • Fixed: sometimes binds in F4 doesn't save correctly
  • Fixed: sometimes you are not able to reload weapon from first try
  • Fixed: sometimes shooting mode in vehicles doesn't work
  • Fixed: hold food / drinks at the same time as weapon in one hand
  • Fixed: infinite fire from some weapons (without ammo)
  • Fixed: you can easily kill hard zombies by the vehicle (driveby)
  • Changed position of weapons for some backpacks
  • Changed position of helmet / bulletproof vest for some skins
  • A lot of other undocumented fixes