update, version 1.5, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.5

2016-08-11 21:59


Video (in Russian):

[Automatically translated]

- Zombies (military*) are now roaming around a crashed helicopter, plane, downed infantry fighting vehicle, etc.

- Added a broken bus with civilian loot (the system is similar to a broken BMP), civilian zombies roam around

- Added red highlight for signal fire

- Added rain (according to the principle of the old, but the system is different)

--- 2 rain modes: rainy day (it starts to rain quite often, every 3-4 hours and goes on for a long time) and normal day (it doesn't rain often, it doesn't rain for long)

--— Disabled steam from rain

--- During thunder, lightning now flashes, and lightning can also strike the ground, metal towers and other objects. 2 types of lightning: directional and normal (in clouds)

--— Added various weather effects (for rain - smooth darkening of the atmosphere and dark clouds)

- Increased the running speed of chemical zombies (located at the KASS factory) and bloodsuckers + disabled leg breakage for these types of zombies

- Increased the speed of pumping CJ muscles by 3 times

- Added the ability to throw some game items with your hands (for this you need to take the item in your hand and just throw it)

--— An additional ability to aim throw objects and some grenades (to do this, you need to hold down the right mouse button, a sight will appear)

--- Heavy items deal damage, can knock out the player, break legs (depends on where they hit)

--— When throwing a heavy object, CJ's muscles sway

- Replaced skins 90% of zombies + added new skins

- Added GM6 rifle based on Lee Enfield (no scope, same damage as M107)

--— Fixed bug with Lee Enfield ammo counter and added reload

- Added the ability for the passenger of the vehicle to shoot from the window (a bug with damage has been fixed, and shooting at high speed is impossible for realism)

- Modified action menu (left menu), works in T / C, when riding animals, behind a machine gun. Activated by scrolling the mouse wheel

--— Options for Vehicle Driver: Exit, open inventory, turn headlights or engine on/off, eject spikes if present, close all doors, hood and trunk

--— Possibilities for the vehicle passenger: exit, transfer to another available passenger seat, sit behind the machine gun if available, climb out of the window (shooting out of the window)

--— New mode for helicopters: altitude hold (auto-hover from ARMA 2), available only to the driver

--— Possibilities when riding animals: dismount, change speed, signal

- Added the ability to highlight yourself on the GPS (the marker will blink + the player's nickname will appear)

--— Activated by rush command (can be bound for convenience)

--— Nicknames of players next to markers are now displayed on the map (players on the same GPS frequency)

- Useful improvements in the user panel (F2)

--— Ability to change the volume of various sounds

--— 3 chat modes: display all, display player messages only, display server messages only

- The probability of damage to T / C components is reduced by 3 times, for wheels by 4 times

- Added 2 new types of binoculars: with night vision device and infrared vision device TWS (works on the same principle as AS50 TWS)

- Added acceleration of T/C on ALT according to the principle from ARMA 2: gives an increase in speed up to 10% + increased fuel consumption

- The balance of damage by T / S, depends on the place of impact (windows, trunk, doors - minimum damage)

- New system of actions activated via the left menu

--— Each action is now different in time (example: installation of T/S components takes 6 to 12 seconds)

--— Added a progress bar, you can cancel the execution until the red mark on the progress bar

- Added 2 new components for T/C: separate wheel for motorcycles, rear rotor for helicopter

- Added a stretch with a grenade (a grenade explodes when crossing the fishing line)

--— Optional: the ability to craft a tripwire (firewood + spite + grenade)

--— Since the grenade is attached to the side of the trap, the player is blown to the side by an explosion and if it does not kill, then it will throw him unconscious

- Added the ability to disguise yourself as a zombie by smearing with blood (available in the action menu near the corpse of any zombie)

--— Player will not be seen by zombies if moving very slowly (on ALT)

--— The effect lasts for several minutes, you can smear yourself with blood an unlimited number of times

--— Visually, there will be blood on the players, on top of the skin

- Added special humanitarian aid with good loot (dropped once a day at random coordinates, without warning)

--— In the "Schedule" tab (F9), the estimated time of the bag drop will be indicated

- Backpacks, helmet or masks now remain on the dead player (disappear if you take them from inventory)

- If the player has a full backpack (50/50, 36/36, etc.), then fast running (sprint) is sometimes disabled

- Ability to look around (turn the camera) while running while holding ALT (as in ARMA 2), the direction of movement is fixed

- Added the ability to save any T / S in case of accidental exit or departure from the server

--— If there is a passenger in the vehicle, then when the driver departs, he will take control of the vehicle

--— If there are no passengers in the vehicle, but there is an attached player, then he will receive a counter