update, version 1.4.3, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.4.3

2015-03-16 17:46


[Automatically translated]

Replaced faces

Changed part of the clothes

Added new weapons (13 pcs.)

HK417 SD fires tracer rounds

Added new backpacks (27 pcs.)

Added new types of products (8 pcs.)

* Added beer

Added flare gun

Added new hats, caps, etc.

* Added the ability to wear multiple hats at the same time

* Camouflage kit is now always available in inventory

Added new body armor and helmets

Added huge military tent

* Capacity 900 slots

* The tent cannot be rolled up while it is full of loot

* Loot can be taken from the tent only one unit

Added new animals

Added batteries for vehicles

Added wheel repair kit (single use)

Added C4 detector

F9 hints

Replaced by BF Injection

Added prefabricated artifact

* The artifact is a tent hidden somewhere on the server, and in order to find it you need to collect all the parts

artifact with coordinates. The search for an artifact is carried out by clicking on its part in the inventory, while

search at a distance of 30m from you. The more parts are collected, the search area becomes smaller. In details

this can be seen on the map (there is a separate sub-item for the artifact). When an artifact is found, all the pieces that are

the players are withdrawn and a new artifact is spawned. When you find the Artifact Tent by setting it up, you will find


T/S damage is different, depends on weapon damage

Bug fixes, significant optimizations, and many technical changes