update, version 1.7.2, top gta
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Version: 1.7.2

2023-04-24 21:00


MTA:SA 1.6 compatibility update + NEW Tuning features

This update is focused on preparing servers for MTA:SA 1.6 by fixing backwards incompatible changes and utilizing newly added functions. So most of the changes are under the hood but we also added few new features.

We plan to move International #5 server to MTA:SA 1.6 for testing.

Link to Download MTA 1.6 -

New features and notable changes:

- Added color picker to Tuning Garage

* There is also hidden Ctrl + V support to paste copied colors (format: #ff0000)

- Added new vehicle upgrades to Tuning Garage

* Acceleration upgrade (more engine power for standing starts and during driving + better hill climbing)

* Off-road upgrade (improves vehicle performance on dirt, grass, sand surfaces)

- Removed extra lighting from Tuning Garages

- Added 5 more bikes (Mountain Bike) + 6 more random spawns (60 in total)

- Radar areas (rectangles, circles) are now displayed on GPS

- Added "PvP" checkbox for Map to disable PvP circles

- Heavy machineguns (M60, M1919) will tear zombies to pieces on kill

- Added paintjobs support for Greenwood vehicle

- Quad vehicle is now allowed inside of Category 1 bases

- Removed motorbikes restriction for market of Category 1 bases

- Heli crash sounds are now disabled (chat message remains)

- Empty Air Drop events are now removed every 1 hour

- Removed long actions delay after you disarm Helmet or Bulletproof vest inventory slots

- Added confirmation dialog for "Remove Tent" action (if tent is not empty)

- Player's dead body destruction time is now reduced if there are no weapons or good loot inside

- Player's dead body will be destroyed in 3-5 minutes (or less) after someone loot it regardless of default destruction time

- Injections are added to "Medic" category quick list in Inventory

- Added Hospital boxes respawn time to Server Schedule (F9)

- Zoom out GPS during skydiving

- Enabled player kill sound

Bugs (bug fixes):

- Restore player's velocity after textures quality change

- Bullets sometimes duplicate (ultra fast firing rate)

- Poor heavy machinguns (M60, M1919) aim accuracy at close range

- Road stinger (spike strip) should not work on Broadway type vehicles

- Vehicle armor and components are not saved for market vehicles

- "HE" instant grenades sometimes bounced instead of exploding

- /go_shit, /go_piss attached to vehicle

- Disable tree cutting for interior objects

- Steel exchanger is not calculating weight of last item properly

- It's impossible to open Parachute if multiple players nearby are falling

- It's impossible to remove personal chat or voice mute if player is not online

- The state of vehicle "solid color" option in Tuning is not displayed correctly

- It's possible to attach C4 to vehicles outside of collision boundaries