update, version 1.6_65, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 r65

2020-12-21 21:00


Winter! Snow everywhere, wolfs, street racing, water related changes, new boats and more

Installed Winter pack (we keep improving our previous pack that all players like)

- In addition to world textures and objects, player's equipment (backpack, vest, helmet, etc.) was modified to look better with white world + some vehicles (like Patriot) now have stylized textures

- Falling snow will be turned on / off randomly just like the last year. But this year we added 2 different types (light snow and something close to snow storm)

- Snowball and firecracker will be added to player's inventory (occupies 0 slots)

- You can create snowballs by holding Left Shift while crouching (C)

- You can make a snowman by typing /snowman

- You can put on a winter mask by pressing "/" (button from the left of right SHIFT)

- Xmas pack is added to interior editor for bases (tree, toys, etc.)

- Interface colors changed according to winter theme

- Winter loot items added to Airdrop supply

[Winter Race]

This year we tried to make a more interesting winter race

Regular vehicles are used (random vehicle from basic cars to top cars or motorbikes / snowmobile)

"Turbo" mode is disabled for these vehicles

Random routes across main map

Races will not be able to interact with each other or other players

Also we disabled interaction (collision) with specific custom objects like tents or sandbags (so players couldn't block routes easily)

Chat notification will be sent 3 minutes prior to start. You can join the race by typing /racejoin

First 5 races get points if they finish winter race in time

1st place - 5 points

2nd place - 4 points


For now we removed any type of reward (for testing). Later we are planning to add rewards for TOP-5 racers (by points)


We removed the barrier around the main map (finally). Water level inside the main map and outside is equal now

As a result we had to move down islands so visually it would be the same (except entrance parts)

Positions of tents, objects, players, etc. will be corrected in order to avoid any issues with access

Some tents inside removed barrier will become visible and may appear in the air (if players didn't move these tents after our in-game warnings). Later these tents will be removed or moved down to water level


- Added new boat with machine gun (3 boats)

* Machine gun can't be removed. Spawns with random amount of bullets (and you can install more if you want)

- Added another smaller powerboat / motorboat (6 boats)

* We also created a new driving animation for this boat so it would look good


- Now dead body with good loot inside will be dropped at random places

* Protected by wolfs (new type of fast zombies)

* It is similar to helicopter / plane crashes but without notification

- Changed zombies targeting logic

* Most likely we will correct zombies behavior more during public testing


Fixed (something that is worth mentioning):

- Impossible to remove CJ's glasses or hats

- Rare case of random vehicle respawn while it was not exploded but was badly damaged and burning for a second (de-sync)

Incorrect size of some objects (like vehicle armor, flags, tents while placing, etc.) is caused by one of latest MTA updates

It is already fixed in latest nightly (test version)

We also changed some parts of our gamemode to solve this for specific objects (like tents) now but it can be fixed completely only in the next MTA release

If it bothers you then you can update to the latest MTA version by changing update type in MTA settings (last tab)

But we don't recommend you to update to test versions all the time because it may be unstable (crashes or other issues)