update, version 1.6_64, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 r64

2020-10-05 21:30


New "Siren Head" boss, new mapping and new vehicles


- Added Oil platform

- Checkpoint at the entrance to Las Venturas

- Checkpoint near Chiliad mountain

- Checkpoint at the entrance to San Fierro

- New military base in Fort Carson

[Siren Head]

- Added new really big BOSS (video teaser was uploaded earlier -

- This BOSS damages using the sound of siren

* All players nearby will be affected by this sound

- Besides being giant this BOSS runs really fast

- It spawned every day at different locations (without notifications or schedule; after death it will be re-spawned within several hours)

- You can find new unique loot inside this BOSS


- Replaced "Police LV" vehicle model to "Škoda Octavia"

- Added another version of "Škoda Octavia" (different vehicle - different body texture)

- Added new bases market vehicle "Bentley Bentayga"

* Unique (only one)

* Damage to this vehicle is reduced by 30%

* New option to upload (change) body texture of this vehicle (you can upload it via Market panel; body texture template will be uploaded to our website)

[New items]

- "Turbo Gas Canister" (it temporary increases the maximum velocity and acceleration of turbo mode that is activated by holding "Alt")

* Available only via craft (you can find new melting furnace inside added Oil platform)

- "Nitrogen Cell"

* Needed for craft of new "Turbo Gas Canister" ("Nitrogen Cell" + "Full Gas Canister" + "Red Bull" + any type of explosives)

- Added new shotgun "M1014 CAMO"

* Damage: ~5000 + new weapon holding animation

* You can find it inside new "Siren Head" BOSS

- Added new assault rifle "Steyr AUG M203" (with M203 grenade launcher)

- Added "Claw Knife"

* Base damage: ~5500

* Damage during night to players: ~9500, to zombies: ~12500

* Special hits effects

* You can find it inside new "Siren Head" BOSS


- Replaced different mapping objects (for players with nostalgia: objects style from v1.5 and more previous versions)

- Now co-leader of the team can kick members or change recruitment status

- Added option to extend the lease of bases market items (with limits)

- It's not possible anymore to place Tripwire inside objects

- Grenade launcher shortcut key changed to "G"

- Now air drop zombies are removed at next drop

- You can kill zombies from far away now without players in range (like it was before but with exceptions for BOSSes)

- Now vehicles parked in forbidden areas will not be re-spawned if there is at least one player inside

* It's related to areas with different game bugs


- Fixed "M32 Milkor" shot delay

- Added reloading sound for "Lee Enfield"

- Fixed: sometimes player is warped back to ladder after climbing is complete

- Possibly fixed: helicopter with bots is flying away after it exploded (changed helicopter falling behavior)

- Fixed high brightness of graffiti tags (related to servers with deep night)

- Fixed many other not really relevant issues