update, version 1.6_63, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 r63

2020-05-08 20:00


New vehicles, skins, BOSS and Flamethrower


- Added new hospital ships with zombies (video -

- Changed mapping in town near "Chiliad" mountain

* Added closed military boxes to this location


- Added new vehicle "BMW M8 F92" (2 versions with different textures)

- Replaced vehicle "Regina"

* Handling is modified to fit new model

- Replaced vehicle "Taxi"

- Replaced vehicle "Majestic"

* Added another vehicle with different textures (alternative spawn)

* Handling is modified to fit new model

- Replaced vehicle "ZR-350"

- Reduced maximum vehicle armor of specific models (like Stafford, Patriot, etc.)

[Zombies / Bots]

- Added new BOSS ("Husk" with flamethrower hand, video -

* Retinue of 10 lepers

* Spawns every day

- Bots don't kill players in the head anymore (regular damage is applied)

- Changed zombie spawns in many locations

[Loot items]

- Added "Flamethrower" (not added to loot shop but there is a chance you can find it inside zombie "Husk")

* You need at least one "Fuel Cell" (it's enough for 15 seconds of firing)

- Added "new" skin (Rebel Clothing)

- Added 2 new shiper skins "Ghillie Black" and "Ghillie Green" (it looks like old skins)

- Added 3 new skins "Old Bandit" (Old Bandit, Old Bandit 2, Old Bandit 3)

- Added new algorithm for loot items spawns (loot should be more different from now on)

- Items list is completely changed for next loot points:

* Medical lab

* Military loot

* Military loot (high)

* Military loot (very high)


- Market: added 2 new paid vehicles (Bobcat, Sadler) without option to re-spawn it manually

* If you lose this vehicle then it will be re-spawned automatically within a day


- Static machine guns are saved to DB from now on

- Added new quests (level = 13)

- Added local voice chat (R - default key to toggle voice chat in MTA; you can change it in MTA settings / Binds)

* If you don't want to change this key then you still can use it (one short press will open radio chat and if you hold it then voice chat will be activated)

[New air drop supply] (video -

- Spawns during day (every 40 - 45 minutes like before)

- Maximum amount of items is not reduced if online is low

- Changed

- Completely new items list (many different items)

- 18 new spawn locations


- Fixed no damage bug if you shoot players inside vehicles using sniper rifle

- Disabled auto-kill if you trying to escape burning vehicle

- Probably fixed multiple explosions bug with event helicopter (steel sheets)

- Fixed map zoom (cursor related)