update, version 1.6_62, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 r62

2020-02-20 19:00


Summer textures and new vehicles


- Changed all map textures and textures of most objects

- Changed weather system (added new weathers and new clouds)

- Added new test forest near Los Santos (drainage area)

* If test is successful then we will use such method to build forest in other parts of game map

- Added new military areas with bots

- Increased amount of zombies in many locations with military loot

- Added zombies to AREA 51 (it respawns only if online is low)

- Added new static ambient sounds

- Replaced zombies sounds and most of regular ambient sounds


- Added new vehicle "Toyota Supra"

- Added new mini jeep (4) (with machine gun)

- Replaced vehicle "Vincent" (

- Replaced vehicle "Merit" (

- Replaced vehicle "Faggio" (

- Updated Gelendwagen vehicle model (tires quality is improved)

- Now you can damage tires of "S.W.A.T." vehicle only with heavy weapons like M107

- Improved handling (characteristics) of these vehicles:

* Vincent (completely new handling, brakes are improved)

* Merit (completely new handling)

* Sultan (max speed is increased)

* Huntley (completely new handling)

* Tornado (max speed and acceleration are increased, brakes are improved)

* Super GT (better drift :D)

* Stratum (brakes are improved, better suspension)

- Added option to change vehicle color to solid color (related to vehicles with colored body textures)

* Default color for disable vehicle body texture is White


- Zombies logic is improved to make it more realistic

* Visibility range is normalized so zombies can't see you from far away (range is strictly depends on visibility and noise levels that you can see on the screen - icons)

* Zombies can see / hear Roadflare 2 times farther than before

* If you call out zombies to some point (by using Roadflare or grenades for example) they will hang out there for some time

* Reduces damage of default (basic) zombies


- Added new assault rifle "AK-74 Gold" (gold version of AK-74 with 95-round dual drum magazine)

- Added new sniper rifle "M107 TWS SD" (M107 with thermal vision scope and silencer)


- Added new Compass (default player spawn loot)

- Removed kills counter if player is offline (related to mines, tripwires)

- Vehicles with drivers / passengers near bases will not be re-spawned if owner triggered "clean" option

- Bases system: "warp" option is limited (you can warp vehicle only if you stand in specific place which is marked on GPS if you open tab "Vehicles")

- Added notification if vehicle position is not safe (you can see it after you leave vehicle)

- Added new cameras and sounds (login screen)

- Anti-relog will kill you even if you get kicked (don't forget to wait when "ANTI-RELOG" disappears before you exit or force to be kicked)

[Bugs] (important ones only)

- Fixed: sometimes helicopter freezes in the air

- Fixed damage through closed gates (new kick, SIS #5)

- Fixed visible armor of GTR

- Fixed: unable to place interior objects if you stand on specific custom objects

- Fixed: sometimes unable to open parachute

[About new Air Drop Supply] (experimental)

- Supply is dropped in specific hours during gameplay (you can see schedule in F9 panel)

* During this hour supply will be dropped 5 - 6 times

* Each supply can have 3 items (can't be empty), loot is improved

* Items amount depends on server online so you have to login before supply drops in case if you wanna get more loot (related to all players)

- Currently we chose next hours (server time): 16:00 (4:00 PM) and 19:00 (7:00 PM)

* Example: supply is dropped 5 times from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM