update, version 1.6_61, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 r61

2019-12-13 13:00


The most beautiful winter in GTA San Andreas Online (MTA)

New vehicle models

Video about winter -


Graphics quality and details are improved compared to last year version of winter

- Replaced all main map textures (7 types of snow + winter / snowy textures on buildings and related objects, you can turn on / off this feature via F2 panel)

- Most objects are replaced with winter variants

- Bulletproof vests, helmets and backpacks are also replaced (but you can still find default versions if you want to be highly recognizable on white background :D)

- Added winter versions of clothing (+ Santa Suit)

- You can find winter objects pack in Interior editor of your base

- Added snowballs* and fire crackers

* you can build a Snowman by typing /snowman


- Added new vehicle "Lexus LX 570" (2 variants with different body textures)

- Replaced "Bloodring Banger" (Nissan GTR) model, handling is improved and added another version with different body texture

* Also you can remove Spoiler from this vehicle (via Tuning)

- Replaced "Elegant" (Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG) model

- Added new version of "Toyota Camry"

New variant / version means that there is another vehicle with separate spawn. We will spawn new models during events (as always)

We will not add information about dozens fixed bugs and other not really important stuff to this list (to keep it small)

There will be 4 new bases (added mostly for International #1 server but probably will be available for all servers)