update, version 1.6_60, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 r60

2019-09-20 06:00


This release is dedicated to change the atmosphere of gamemode and also considered as the first release of series resulting update of vehicles park


- Replaced all world textures including most objects

- Increased amount of replaced textures to make map more detailed

- New weather system which includes new sky with more realistic sun, moon and stars

* Added several types of weather with changeable clouds density which is suppose to simulate really cloudy weather (to get more excited about new weather we recommend you to enable "Clouds" in User Panel - F2 if it's disabled)

* Deep night starts at 22:00, smoothly blending during 5 hours up to 03:00, sunrise at 05:00 (server time)


* All armor parts are optional (visible armor)

- Replaced Sunrise ( (BMW X5)

- Replaced Huntley ( (Mercedes Gelendwagen)

- Replaced Admiral ( (Lexus IS Sport)

- Added new vehicle "Toyota Camry"

- Replaced Hustler ( (Dodge Challenger)

- Added new vehicle "Audi RS6 C7"

[Something relatively important]

- "Information" menu item in Inventory is optional now (displayed only if "Hints" are enabled in User Panel - F2)

- New languages (total: 25): Eesti, Hindi, Deutsch, 繁体中文 (thanks to: fAded, R1cky, JagD, St4lk3r)

Other changes related to optimization so there is not point in describing it in details

In the second part of this update (probably this month) we will improve replaced objects and textures and we will update rest of objects

Also we will add another new weather (cloudy with thunder and lightning but probably without rain or maybe with rain in limited way)

Ghillie Suits textures will be replaced as soon as we finish everything related to new atmosphere