update, version 1.6_59, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 r59

2019-07-27 03:00



- Added new Island (left top part of the map, road from "Bayside")

* There is a network of tunnels under this Island. It leads to underwater bunker with heavy military boxes / loot points

- Added new military camp

- Added scientific research facility

- Added new bunker

- Added new security checkpoints

- Added dead traffic jams in LS, several roads are locked now

- Added atmospheric mapping in forest areas

- Barrier around the map replaced with huge rocks and you can use it to climb

- Changed surface properties of drained parts of the map (effects, sounds, etc. now similar to normal parts of the map)

[Special Skills]

- Added new Special Skills system. Current list of skills:

* Repairer (this skill gives you ability to remove parts of the vehicle like Tire, Tanks Parts, etc.)

PS: you asking about such options for quite some time so we decided to add it in limited way via skills

PSS: you can't remove parts that was installed by the server after spawn. But you can remove parts that other players installed.

* Strong fits (this skills allows you to give damage to players, zombies using fists)

* Strong bones (this skill reduces damage caused by fall)

* "/rush" (this skill allows you to increase showing time of /rush marker, at maximum level you can use it indefinitely like "turn off / on")

* Appearance (27 new skins, you can boost it one by one; male and female clothes added to category "Other" in "Character" window during login)

- To boost these skills you need "Progress Points"

* You can acquire progress points by killing zombies, bots, finding special humanitarian aid or artifact

* Also you can get these points by finding hidden stashes on the map (there are 106 stashes added at the moment and it looks like ID-card)

- Every skill has several levels which requires different amount of points and gives you different abilities

[New bullet sync]

- Now bullets synchronization is based on skins only (considered using results of the poll that we made some time ago)

* It means that now "shooting skills" are matters again

** For new players: we suggest you to learn how to shoot, watch videos, ask old players who might help you (and to old players - please don't be toxic about new players and questions)

* Due these changes it's highly possible that old shooting bugs will come back like "i saw the hit but no damage" (we added new systems to prevent this but it's not reliable because of "skin only" policy)

* Also it affects blood effects

- Now shooter only decides "hit or not" (like it was during first releases of 1.6). Basically the priority is given to the image that shooter see in game.

- Damage is balanced now between different parts of the skin

- Weapons accuracy is back in business


- Added new vehicle "BMW M4"

- Added new vehicle "Audi A8"

- Added new vehicle "Nissan Skyline"

* These models supports different colots of wheels and optional visible armor (there is special front bumper added for "BMW M4")

- Added military boat with machine gun (you can use it to move faster between islands outside of the map)

- Added seats indicator (red - occupied, green - not occupied)

- Handling of "Tornado" vehicle is rolled-back to backup version (speed related)

- Disabled shooting option for "M1014" (shotgun) weapon during "drive-by" mode

[Vehicles Armor]

- Maximum amount of Steel Sheets is limited now:

* Regular cars - 40

* Moto, quads - 10

* Military vehicles - 80

* Boats - 20

- Vehicle armor no longer gives protection to "drive-by" shooting players (there is logic that player is outside of vehicle during "drive-by" shooting)

- Added visible tires armor for "Towtruck" vehicle


- Added new rapid-fire weapon "Steyr AUG TWS" with sniper thermal vision scope (rate of fire is equal to regular assault rifles!)

* Ammo is separated for this one because basically it's the most coolest weapon in game at the moment

- Added new really heavy sniper rifle "Anzio 20" (damage - 200955, it tears bodies apart and can affect vehicle driving)

- Added automatic reload for sniper rifles

- Added option to use grenade launcher by pressing "space" (you don't have to switch to special mode anymore)

- Changed rate of fire for "Lee Enfield" type weapons


- Increased speed of server loading

- Added Watch to debug monitor (F5)

- The maximum frequency of GPS, Map and Radio Device is increased up to 99999

- Replaced unreal quests for 12 level. Also we will add new quests soon (in the update).

* Also quests systems was modified to add new conditions that used for new missions

- Added limits for spawn selector

* It works this way at the moment: it's allowed to spawn frequently in one region for 3 times only and then area is locked for 10 minutes

* Most likely timings will be changed during public testing

- Dropped loot is not combined in loot point for usability and optimization purposes

- Small weather and clouds improvements (rain is still disabled but it's highly possible that it will be enabled in the future)

- Now player's ping is removed if stats is hidden (Tab related)

- Enabled gas station near LS

- Increased the chance of loot spawn for basic classes of zombies

- Added new area for "Air Drop" supply (AREA 51)

- Added new areas for Helicopter with "Steel Sheet"

- Replaced model and textures of main "Ghillie" type skins. Also we added it to loot spawn.

- Unavailable injections is now added to loot points:

* Z-LORD (control zombies)

* Z-INV (hide from zombies)

* S-VIS (super vision during night)

- 50AE ammo is added to loot points

- Added new tag "Helper". It doesn't give any privileges at the moment. Different color and special tag in the chat and tab window.

* If you wanna help new players and answer questions without toxicity then stay tuned - we will post information about this soon.


- Now you have to accept permissions request to bases before you can get it (small window will pop-up with request details)

- Now owner of the base can access tents from outside (for example: to remove bugged tents inside the gates)

- Changed interior of Base 2 (Category 2), increased area size

- Removed zombies near Base 4 (Category 3)


- Added in-game web browser that allows you to open some project pages (like Wikipedia, Facebook, etc.)

- Added "Information" option for items in Inventory, items on the ground and for vehicles. It allows you to open Wikipedia page of required item.

- "Information" button is added to Quests window as well. It allows you to access information about items or mark required location on the game map.

- The same goes to Loot Shop (F1). And besides information you can jump to ammo of selected weapon by click on it's name.

[New languages]

- Bahasa Indonesia (thanks to "ofcourse")

- Le français (robot translated version, maybe somebody can help with mistakes)

[Bugs] (only important ones is mentioned)

- Fixed a lot of mapping bugs

- Fixed too fast spawn of vehicles

- Fixed rate of fire of bot's sniper rifles

- Added vehicle velocity recovery after the freeze (for example during packet-loss)

- Fixed rare joining sound loop after spawn

- Added missing reload sounds

- Fixed rare duplication of radio streams

- Fixed butt kick (related to loosing consciousness by weapon hit)

- Fixed ped position slip due shotgun hits

- Fixed AREA 51 base area collisions issues