update, version 1.6_58, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 r58

2018-11-21 03:11


The most awesome winter map in MTA:SA (8 images)

- Changed all map textures (7 types of snow + snow wall textures, checkbox in F2)

- Changed lots of objects to winter variants

- Clothing. Replaced first 6 male camouflages and first female (you can select it in the login screen)

- All main bulletproof vests, helmets and backpacks was also replaced to winter variants (but there are still several items with default textures)

- All players will get Snowballs after spawn (without Firecrackers for now)

* you can create a Snowman (type /snowman)

Also we are planning add winter tree, winter race (or something new) and something winter-styled for interior editor, maybe even "Snow Maiden" bots from 2016 :)

Now you can check if your tent is secured properly (related to camouflage mode).

You will receive a message if your tent is not secured properly in tent's inventory. If you see the warning about this - move your tent to another place.

Bases Management Panel (F7)

We added new tab "Vehicles" so you can check the current state of your vehicles and protection status. Also you can use this panel to get your cars out of objects (walls, etc.)

Also we fixed lots of bugs.

This release was installed on all servers.

We also recommend to enable "Wall textures" (checkbox in user panel - F2) to get more beautiful and detailed winter image.