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Version: 1.6 r57

2018-11-02 06:28


Robberies in MTA DayZ


- Added new military areas in San Fierro (details -

- Added new military area with Bunker (details -

Added ~2000 new loot points in the cities (details -


- Now vehicles will not blow up if it's flipped

- Added new feature to flip the vehicle back

* You need "Car Jack" (new loot item)

- Now you can install up to 80 Steel Sheets (don't worry it's not that powerful as it may look)

* If vehicle has more than 20 sheets installed then it's fuel consuption and weight gets higher

- Now you can use vehicle's menu together (removed some old limits)

- Now you can change color of these models:

* FCR-900

* Hotring Racer

* Hotring Racer 3

- Added new colors in tuning

- Added new feature to fire ARS-57 rockets from the helicopter without entering shooting mode


- Added new item "Car Jack"

- Added new backpack "Mountaineer Backpack Camo"

- Updated texture of Mountaineer Backpack (basic version)

- Steel Sheet now occupies 1 slot in tents (4 in players, didn't changed)


- Added new hints for new players (you can disable it in F2 if you like)

- Now you can enable thermal scope of AS50 rifle without holding F (just press it once)

- Now zombies will have the same damage and visibility range (no matter of game time; maybe temporary)

- Updated "drag and drop" option in inventory (now dropped loot will appear in the place you moved it)

- Added existing voice command in scroll actions menu ("i'm friendly, don't shoot" and "shout")


- Fixed steel sheets damage (damage to armored vehicles was too low)

- Probably fixed a bug with Mossy helmets (1-shot kill from light weapons)

- Fixed size of Ssh68 helmet (now it should be the same as the size of other helmets)

- Fixed vehicles visual armor position for certain models

Main feature of this update is a new bases system which allows you to rob the base without access (don't worry and read the next line).

Since this feature will not be enabled on International, Europe, Turkey and ASIA servers we should skip this part for a while (poll showed us a negative results).

Also we updated loot points map and Wiki :)

Wikipedia -

Online map -