update, version 1.6_56, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 r56

2018-08-27 08:08



- Replaced Regina model to Range Rover (picture 1)

- Replaced Sultan model to BMW M5 F90 (picture 2)

* These models has special windows armor (you can install it like any other vehicle armor in the game: Steel Sheets + vehicle's menu)

- Added new vehicle (Tanker) (picture 3)

* You can open the bodywork via vehicle's menu

* Has option to install the machine gun

* Reinforced armor (similar to S.W.A.T.)

* 800 slots

- Added option to change color of these vehicles:

* Super GT

* FBI Truck

* Sandking

* Police LV

* Police SF

* Police LS

* Washington

* Tahoma

* Picador

* Sadler

* Sadler Damaged

* Bobcat

- Admiral: changed vehicle sounds, fixed exhaust and visual armor offsets

- Greenwood: fixed color option (now you can change the color of vehicle's body)

- Hotring Racer 2: reverted handling to version from 1.5

- Improved Steel Sheets armor protection level (damage should be slightly lower)

- Added option to remove Stereo from the vehicle

* Now you can install / remove it without Toolbox

- Added new option in vehicle's menu: "Get track name" (name of the song will appear in the chat, you can copy it in Console)

* It works only if radio station provides song name.

New loot items:

- Car Tent (500 slots) (picture 4)

- Submachine gun MP5SD6 (silinced MP5) (picture 6)

- Assault rifle M27 IAR (damage - 4155, effective range - 400) (picture 6)

- Assault rifle SA58 (damage - 4555, effective range - 450, лазерный прицел) (picture 5)

- AS VAL with integrated suppressor (damage - 3995, effective range - 350) (picture 6)

Loot points:

- Changed loot and spawn chances

- Added old backpacks (Coyote) and ghillie suits

- Added injections which hasn't spawned before


- Base 3 (Category 1): fixed issue with the first gate (warp from the base)

- Base 7 (Category 2): fixed holes in the walls

- Base 8 (Category 2): increased gates size

- Base 5 (Category 3): increased gates size

- Base 6 (Category 3): increased area size (to make it similar to other 3 categories)

- Base 3 (Category 4): removed a room in the middle of the base

- Lights removed from all bases (light-poles)

* You can use lights from Interior editor

- Changed gates texture

- Now you can see vehicle name in logs if somebody enter or exit the base

- Now protected vehicles is freezed (you can't move it)

* It should fix the vehicle warp issue

* In theory now you can park your vehicles safely almost everywhere (including on top of custom objects) (still testing so don't risk if you have something to lose)

* Improves "Can interact with vehicles" access right

- Interior editor changes:

* Added more than 60 of new objects (~ half in the int packs: different ladders, decorations, nets, lights, including torch) - read more, including pictures

* Added option to clone selected object

* Removed object movement limits (now you can move objects more easily, including up / down)

- Now paid vehicles has respawn limit (time based)

- Tent menu will be always visible inside the base (so now you can see which tent you want to remove / loot)


- Changed (updates) all crawling animations (more realistic, dynamic camera)

* Also ped position was corrected

- Added vehicle damager (F2 - "Show damage"; it's probably will not work correctly due sync issues but we are gonna test it anyway)

- GPS: now you can see if your friend is on top of you or under you (arrow inside ped's icon)

* Arrow will not appear if you are on the same height level

* If player type /rush then secondary arrow will appear near nickname

* It's useful for AREA 51 (you can see if your friend is inside the bunker or on the ground)

- Suicide option is moved to inventory menu, command is disabled

* It work for Hunting Knide, Machete and all pistols

* Special animation

- Reduced time of /unbug command

- Now you can toggle vehicles names on the map via options panel

- Added option to set pointer's position to your exact coordinates (scroll actions menu)

- Infrared Goggles: removed fozzy smoke (available on the latest MTA version only)

- Changed textures of enterable buildings

- Added option to open the Parachute almost at any height (just press F after takeoff)

* Also parachute texture is changed

- Added auto mechanic bots (tuning) in the cities: Los Santos, San Fierro

- Added option to glue / unglue via scroll actions menu

- Added new spawn areas for supply (air drop) (total count - 12)

* Most in the cities like in v1.5

Microwaves (if you have FPS drops):

- In this release we optimized a lot of gamemode systems

- Also "Low" graphics mode was significantly changed (probably the most important feature of all existing optimization options)

* Now this mode affects different objects (like trees)

Bugfixes (the ones makes sense to note):

- Fixed loot issues while crawling

- Fixed random change of Map opacity

- Fixed weapon's grenade laucher (Road flare and M18 didn't have effect)

- Fixed AREA 51 bug (bunker)