update, version 1.6_54, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 r54

2018-07-20 06:06


- Added option to fire from all weapons in crawling mode (L - lie on the ground)

- Added additional animations to make actions on the ground (using items, consuming food, etc.)

Also we added new animations for different actions in game (using medicines, climbing ladders, etc.)

- Added new animations for zombies moves (testing)

- Changed calculation formula for main skills (which depends on player's level)

Now you should see benefit from these skills even on average level (70% of players)

- Changed actions menu design

* Multi-level menu for long lists (tuning menu has different style)

* Now you can see up to 7 items in menu

* Switch between items - mouse scroll, arrows (including num)

* Go back / close - right mouse button or backspace

* Select item - mouse scroll (click), num_5, -

* Added option to set map pointer via scroll actions menu (air drop, nearest tuning, melting furnace or quests helper / bot, user's base, etc.)

- Added option to manipulate game map by mouse (move, zoom)

Also added option to close the map by pressing ESC

- Now you can see tracking vehicle's name on the map (vehicles with GPS)

- Added option to change color for these vehicles: Merit, Majestic, Oceanic, Yosemite, Burrito, Faggio

- Added new colors in tuning garage (main colors palette, total count: 26)

- Removed vehicles damage balance system (it should solve damage sync issues in some cases)

- Now vehicle damage caused by bots calculates by the same rules like players

- Added option to save up to 8 graffiti patterns in Spray Can editor

Improved image quality

- Added new feature for tents in bases (you can activate it by pressing ALT during pitch process)

You can attach new tent to another tent near by (use your camera to select side: left, right or top)

Also you can change distance between tents by using mouse scroll

- Increased amount of interior objects in bases (now 100 by default and you can increase it up to 150 if you have interior packs)

- Extended bases logs (players actions: pitch / remove tent, etc.)

- Added option to take / put ammo by 1 bullet (hold CTRL to use it)

- Now you can loot fast Steel Sheets in Melting Furnace (hold ALT or right mouse button)

- Now you can install grenades in grenade launcher in your inventory list via menu (thereby it will be available in mini version of inventory)

- Added very high military loot points on top of the highest skyscrapers in main cities

- Changed loot spawn chances of heli / plane crashes (it should solve issue when only Parachute spawns)

- Added new areas for air drop supply

- Now you can lose consciousness by an elbow hit

- Medicines box model changed to one from ARMA

- Deep night darkness level was balanced

- Fixed sniper rifle damage issue outside of game map (new island)

- Fixed damage issue when player doesn't have oxygen

- Improved anti-relog

- Fixed gray screen issues after spawn

Also we updated Wikipedia (added heli / plane / IFV crashes and other new data including small guides for grenade launcher, Fishing rod and Spray Can)