update, version 1.6_53, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 r53

2018-07-03 08:02


- Added new Island (outside of main map)

The island is protected by military bots and you can find a lot of new loot points there

You can pitch tents on this island and leave vehicles (it will not be respawned automatically)

- Completely new crawling system (you can press L to lie on the ground)

!!! Now you can shoot while crawling on the ground (it doesn't work for all weapons right now, will be upgraded soon)

This system is still in a debug mode, open testing

- Added new permission for bases system - "Can interact with vehicles"

!! This is highly experimental feature, don't expect smooth work in a nearest time

Now damage to vehicles in bases applies only if shooter has specific access

Also user without such access can't move vehicles and can't pitch objects / tents inside it

You can check protection status via vehicle's inventory (protected / not protected) like tents

(we implement this due vehicle explosions by bug)

- Added feature to remove equipped items in mini version of inventory (you can find equipped items at the end of the list, red background means that you can't remove it right now, green - you can)

If you use second style (categorized list) of inventory then you can find equipped items in a new category at the end of the list

- Returned and changed air-drop (main supply)

Added new area (new island)

Drop time of main supply: 40 minutes (like in 1.5) and can be reduced up to 30 minutes (depends on online, just a little bit)

Drop time of small air bags: 10 minutes

The same timings for night drop

- You can toggle vehicle sirens (if it has one) in vehicle's actions menu (scroll, only for driver)

- Fuel and water spawn is balanced

- Redesigned Base 2 (Category 5) (SF). Area size increased 2 times, added covered elevator like on LV base

Removed all default interior, you can use interior editor to build good interior for you

You can use old elevator to reach base's roof and get to the helicopters landing platform (you have to use new long elevator to get inside landing platform area)