update, version 1.6_51, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 r51

2018-06-06 06:00


- Added 2 new vehicles: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and BMW M5 E60 (spawn info will be posted soon)

- Added feature to hide part of personal statistics from TAB (checkbox in User Panel - F2)

- Now spawn sector of Special Humanitarian Aid is marked on the map

-- Sector highlights exactly in a scheduled hour (you can see hum aid schedule in F9 panel).

-- You can't see sector highlight after aid bag is dropped. You will see a mark if somebody find it.

-- Spawn coordinates is 100% random. Whole map, including water.

- Ghillie Hunter skin changed to default (summer) variant

- Improved bases protection against vehicle explosion (by bug)

- Now you can loot dead body right after player's death

- Changed bots shooting logic (now bot chooses predominantly chest and other available parts below head, headshot is a last resort)

- Added sirens to Hustler

- Now you can install visual armor on FBI Rancher and Regina, changed position of visual armor for certain vehicles

- Fixed color change issue in tuning garage for some vehicles

- Installed new version of bullet (shooting) synchronization:

Now it works this way: skin + ping + addon against lagers (softers).

Important! Current synchronization remains as primary, it wasn't removed.

New synchronization system is an addon for current, directed predominantly for close range combats and moving targets.

Addon against lagers applies if player has unstable or unusually high ping, packet loss and FPS in some cases. Damage to such players increased 3 times. If target disappears or twitches then it's better to shoot randomly in a moving direction (by ping; due new synchronization).

About damager (you can enable it via F2 panel): now damage displays only after blood is removed (to avoid false info / errors), depends on ping so delays is totally normal.