update, version 1.6_50, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 r50

2018-05-18 04:22


- Added 3 new female skins (loot):

Hooker Suit

Cobra Suit

Tornado Suit

Special female version (only).

- Added old female skin from 1.5 (you can find it in "Other" tab of female character window)

- Coyote Backpack Desert model changed to normal (not winter)

- Added 35 new spawns (now each spawn location has the same number of spawns)

- Increased damage and effective distance of next rare weapons:

— AKS Gold

— Famas F1 SD

— ACR G33 (+ SD)

— HK417 SD


— Steyr AUG

— FN SCAR-L (+ SD)


— LK05 SD

- Added alternative weapons attachment mode (you can switch it via "Scroll actions" menu)

- Added interior for LS Supermarket

- Removed windows light at night, changed darkness level of deep night

- Removed graphics mode "Turbo Low"

- Added new features in User Panel (F2):

— Added feature "Default cars" (it disables vehicle models replacement; previously used for "Turbo Low" mode; recommended for microwave PC's with low amount of RAM)

— Added option for loot points optimization (it changes visual style of loot points; you'll see a small box instead of loot items if point has anything inside; recommended if you have rendering issues)

— Added option for dead bodies optimization (we already use such solution for all dead bodies but now it's optional; basically it create a meet object instead of body skin; recommend to use it constantly or while insane PVP because it definitely will increase your FPS when you walk around dead bodies) (reconnect is not required and all existing bodies will be changed)

- Added limit for fast items drop inside the base (it works only if user doesn't have permission to move items fast)

- Fixed vehicle passengers headshot issue (if vehicle doesn't have armor)

- Fixed armored vehicle HULL lose

- Debug (F5) is fully adaptive now (depends on screen resolution and selected language)

- Added translation of "Market" tab (bases management panel)

- Fixed second floor flatness in Base 6 (Category 2) (probably)

Specially for our International, Europe, Turkey and ASIA servers we added automatic vehicles respawn system with in-chat notifications (vehicle from closed "not rented" bases).