Process of ordering

1. Select the server on which you want to rent a base.

2. Select the base that you want to rent.

3. Select the period for which you want to rent the base (billing cycle).

4. Confirm that you have read it.

5. Click "Order".

When the order is created (issued) click OK.
On the order page you need to choose a payment gateway (bottom of the page: "TOP-GTA Pay").
After you click on the payment gateway you need to choose a payment method and fill all required fields.

After successful payment your order will be automatically processed during the day (in most cases within 10 minutes).
When your order is executed (done) you can manage your base (panel link will be available on the home page and on the order page).


How quickly my order will be processed?
It may take 24 hours but in most cases it takes no more than 10 minutes.

What should I do if my order has been canceled or has not been processed within 24 hours?
You have to contact sales support.

How to pay with "VM" (virtual money)?
Watch video!

Date / Time
All dates and time on this website is based on the website location time. You can check the time in the bottom right corner of header background.

What happens with my loot (items, things) and vehicles in the base after lease expires?
Everything (tents, vehicles, custom objects..) will be removed automatically!
You should care about your loot before the lease expire.

What is reserve time?
Reserve time is provided for bases in order to give more time for the owner to extend the lease.
You can request 3 reserve days via web management panel of your base.
Remember! There is no guarantee that reserve time will be provided.



After the first login your status is "not verified".
Verification process can take some time..

Only verified accounts can use all functions of this website.


Use the highest possible security settings in your Facebook / Discord / Baidu account (2-steps confirmation, binding to a mobile phone).

Security of your bases and system account depends on the security of your Facebook / Discord / Baidu account.
We are not responsible for the security of your social network account!

Look at the address bar! Domain must match the original: /bases/

User Data Deletion

You can request user data deletion by contacting us via support ticket or using email
Please note that if you decided to contact us by the email then don't forget to use the email registered on the website (by default website uses the email provided by social network provider).
It's required for security reasons (we need to identify that data request was received from the actual user and not someone else).

Basic rules

  1. It's forbidden to leave helicopters or planes inside bases from Category 1 to Category 5 (all bases except Category 6);
  2. It's forbidden to leave vehicles inside Category 1 (except bicycles and motorbikes);
  3. It's forbidden to exceed vehicles limit specified for the category of your base;
  4. It's forbidden to leave vehicles inside the walls or constructions parts of your base (in some cases it includes areas around the base);
  5. It's forbidden to use functions of bases management panel in order to get advantage in game;
  6. It's forbidden to sell / rent the base or access to the base (including passwords) to other parties (like players). Any offers like this are also forbidden;
  7. Owner of the base is obligated to keep activity in game. Connecting for one minute or something like this is not considered like "activity";
  8. Owner of the base is responsible for all players with access to the base. It also includes players who just visiting the base (players without passwords).

Security rules, help and more - https:///bases/info/help/

Main rules of the project -

We reserve a right to refuse service to anyone without specified reason. We also reserve a right to suspend active services at any moment (also without specified reason). Refund in cases like this is not possible.

Violation of any rules (even minor) may lead to imminent service termination. It also includes violations from users with access to the base. So make sure that you don't give access to people you don't trust.

Punishment for rules violation is not limited to the owner. Anyone with the access or players that had access previously can be punished too. Owner is obligated to notify the player about this before permissions request is accepted.

Important information

We reserve a right to take (remove) user properties (loot, vehicles, anything) in case of major rules violations.

For example: loot duplication or cheating.